MNOs should use SIGTRAN to reduce their SMS costs to zero when sending Welcome Messages to Inbound Roamers

Because SMS sending via a Roaming  HUB is expensive, Mobile Network  Operators do not even consider delivering  welcome messages to their inbound roamers.  As result, they  miss out on marketing chances. 


Case Analysis

Business Problem: Sending SMS via HUB is costly. In addition to this, operators face alphanumeric sender address restrictions. Thus, they need to cope with rejection possibilities.

Solution: Instead of sending SMS via HUB, the operators should send SMS to other inbound roamers via their own SIGTRAN node. Thus, the cost of sending SMSs will be decreased to zero and the alphanumeric sender address restriction will be abolished.

Technical Details: Foreign operator subscribers’, which are connected to the domestic operator’s network, IMSI, and VLR address details will be detected by DIRoam. Then MAP Forward SM will be sent directly to the VLR, which is connected by an inbound roamer. Since the VLR address belongs to the domestic operator, SMS will be sent without any interaction with HUB so that interconnection costs will be out.

About RaaS

DiRoam RoamingSuite as a Service (RaaS) enables operators to build and manage relationships with both inbound and outbound roamers effectively and easily in real-time. Mobile operators can genuinely elevate roamer messaging above the conventional “Welcome SMS” level.  Here are some key points about how our solution is differentiating from other solutions:

  • Multi-tenancy
  • Dynamic Messaging
  • TM Forum Open API Compliance
  • Attribute Creation
  • Roamer Profile and Event Viewer
  • Subscriber SMS/Roaming History

To further details about our solution, please visit  Roaming Messaging.